Calgary Centre for Visceral Manipulation
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"SWEET RELIEF . . . Injecting tendons with a dextrose
(sugar) solution to trigger
an inflammatory reaction is
just one way in which
which practitioners are using prolotherapy to target
sprains and strainsprains and strains."

K. Dean Reeves, MD
BioMechanics Magazine
Sept. 2004

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As “Leaders” and 4 year winner of the Consumer's Choice Award, our specialized Naturopathic Doctors strive to offer patients natural choices in “Optimizing Health & Wellness” through the use of advanced treatments and leading edge diagnostic equipment.

Our clinic’s intention is to support our patients by providing an atmosphere of compassion, a wealth of lifestyle education and a commitment to customer care.

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As Celebrities, athletes and scientists now headline the millions of North Americans frequenting naturopathic doctors for various forms of chelation therapy, chelation is now being referred to as . . .
"The Treatment of the Stars"
Arlene Brechner: Forty Something Forever

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